I am excited to be putting together JustTri’s first winter destination training camp. The camp will be held February 20 – 23 in Tucson, AZ. This is a great opportunity for athletes of all levels to get out and train in a new place and jump start the season. For some of you it will be more about getting in some good base miles, for others it will be preparing for an early season race; Please know that camp will be catered to each athlete attending.

We are also teaming up with Peter Russo of Swim Smooth to offer a 4hr group training clinic. This is in addition to your camp experience but for those interested we will work the training for it. Peter worked with Laura this past season and I have been very impressed with his expertise and feedback. He is offering us a group session for 4hrs just for our group. See below for more information about the swim smooth group clinic.
Here is the general layout for our camp:

  • This camp will be limited to 5-7 athletes depending on if we have couples going or not.
  • Cost is $400 for camp which covers lodging and ground transportation
  • Swim Smooth Group Clinic: $150
  • Time Line:
    • Thursday: Athletes Arrive/ Evening Workout
    • Friday: Swim/Bike/Run
    • Saturday: Swim (potential clinic date if we have enough interest), Bike/ Run
    • Sunday: Run/ athletes fly out

Swim Smooth Group Clinic with Coach Peter Russo: The clinic basically runs like this.  I video all the swimmers.  Takes 20min or so.  Then we sit down and I do a presentation on Swimsmooth and swim types and what people should be striving for in their stroke mechanics.  After that I do a 10min analysis or so of each swimmer.  It is like a shortened version of what I did for Laura.  That usually takes a little over an hour.  Then I do more presentation on what someones swim training should be like and open water swim tactics.  At the end all the swimmers get in the pool for about an hour and we go over drills as a group.  Not as individual as the one to one analysis but valuable in that the swimmers get to see what everyone else does and looks like and it is a great learning experience. People can check out my websites.  www.swimsmoothne.com and r2tri.com.

I am looking forward to this opportunity and making it a yearly event for our team! If you have any questions please let me know!

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